16 April 2017

#RevPit Editing Deals

As a thank-you to the writers who made the Revise & Resub (#RevPit) contest such a supportive, energizing, and fun learning experience for all, I'm offering the following editing deals to those who book before April 30, 2017 (actual editing dates may fall later).

For the entire #RevPit community

If you submitted to the contest (to any editor, not just me) or even just participated in the #RevPit conversations on Twitter, you are eligible to take advantage of these offers.

#RevPit Full MS + Query Critique - 10% off
Designed for those who are ready to take their novel to the next level, this package includes developmental feedback on your full ms at a discounted rate of $0.008 per word. Feedback will be tailored to your project's needs and may include a focus on hook, audience, word count, world building, character development, point(s) of view, internal & external conflict, narrative arc, theme(s), and/or overall structure. Includes:
  • Edit letter summarizing the developmental feedback (min. 5 pages)
  • 60-minute voice or video chat to discuss the feedback
  • 1-pass query critique

#RevPit Partial MS + Query Critique - $200 USD
Designed for those who aren't quite ready for a full developmental edit, this package includes a critique of the first 50 pages, the 5 pages that include the Darkest Moment, and last 2 pages of the ms (approx. 17,000 words total). Feedback will focus on the existing strengths and on the two to four greatest opportunities for further strengthening the pages. Includes:
  • Edit letter summarizing the developmental feedback (2-3 pages)
  • 30-minute voice or video chat to discuss the feedback
  • 1-pass query critique

#RevPit Query Package Critique - $50 USD
This package is designed for those who want to know what their query letter and first five pages are saying about their ms's strengths and potential red flags. Includes:
  • Comments in the margins of your manuscript's first five pages
  • Edit letter summarizing the feedback (1-2 pages)
  • 1-pass query critique

For authors who submitted to me during #RevPit
The following offers are available only to writers who submitted to me during the #RevPit contest.
  • 10% off any of my editing services (including those listed above)
  • Free 3-pass query critique with purchase of any editing package over $500 USD

Booking deadline

Sunday, April 30, 2017 (actual editing dates may fall later)

How to book

You can either use the contact form in the right-hand sidebar or email me directly at sioneaeschliman (at) gmail (dot) com. Please mention in your email that you are part of the #RevPit community and let me know which editing package you're interested in. I look forward to working with you!

P.S. Please also feel free to email me if you have questions about my editing services but are not yet ready to book.

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