"Pays Good" by TPA

This page is intended to be a resource for me as well as for other writers who are interested in collaborating with, hiring, and/or being inspired by artists. I will add to it as time goes on. Although I have not worked with all of these fine human beings, I am at least acquainted with their work and know that they're interested in collaborating with writers. 

[Note: If you are a listed artist who needs me to make a change to your information, please use the Contact Form on the right.]

Illustrators & Painters 

by Ben Bittner

Ben Bittner (aka Surly Ben)
Digital illustration
Style: flat, colorful, loose, & surly
ben (at) benhard (dot) com


by Cara Christine Hubbell

Cara Christine Hubbell
Pen & ink, watercolors
Style: 50's pop art meets cartoon
carah75 (at) gmail (dot) com  

John Gajowski
Pen & ink, graphite, watercolor ink & gouache
Style: horror with a sense of humor
johngajowski (at) yahoo (dot) com 

by Maciej Skrzynski

Maciej (Mike) Skrzynski
Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Multimedia Artist
Comics style ranging from dark with some humor to light-hearted

Cody Thomas
Pen & ink, digital illustration, painting
Style: urban sketches
codythomasart (at) gmail (dot) com

Photo by Kelsey Wirtzfeld

Kelsey Wirtzfeld
Subjects: "Nature is good, architectural elements, people, small details, interesting textures, things that remind me there is more than the world I interact with regularly"
WirtzfeldDesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

Photo by Rick Campbell

Rick Campbell 
Subjects: Nature, travel, fine art nudes
rkyamberu (at) gmail (dot) com


Art to Inspire
Note: these are artists whom I admire but who are currently unavailable for collaboration/hire.

Photo by John P. Newbury

John P. Newbury
Style: haunting landscapes

Little Debbie
Style: Hieronymous Bosch meets Goya's dark period

Patience Thompson
Tumblesome Illustrations
Style: whimsical sci-fi fairy

Illustrator, sculptor
Style: dark comic