Even though I manage a group of editors and writing coaches, I reached outside of my circle and contacted Sione because I was impressed with her positive attitude and her level of confidentiality in regards to client material. Sione is a gem. She was able to glean the purpose of my novel, the importance of it to me, and the critical issues that were holding my novel back from being the book I need it to be. Her feedback launched me into the next phase of edits. I was motivated to keep working because Sione didn’t overload the feedback. She kept to the key points and created a manageable plan for me to use going forward. My PhD program taught me how to write, but Sione Aeschliman taught me how to be a writer. She is gracious, professional and innately gifted.
– Kristin V., PhD, writer of literary fiction & poetry

Working with Sione is like having a Star Trek or Star Wars or Marvel Universe or some other such super-fan being a fan of your own work. She sees the story inside and out and finds details that I missed and that my beta readers didn't catch so she can offer suggestions BEFORE the other fans see it and pick it apart. And she doesn't just get the details, she gets the whole story, and she supports it. Working with her once was enough to know I'll be working with her on the next one, and the next one, and the next one after that.
- Jared Wynn, author of ZEN AND THE ART OF DYING

Entrusting my manuscripts to Sione is one of the best things I’ve done yet as a writer. Sione’s thoughtful feedback consistently enables me to strengthen my fiction as well as more deeply appreciate what’s working and what isn’t. Sione’s comments gave me the clarity I needed to refine a story collection into a more compelling form, which was then accepted by a small press that I’m delighted to be working with.
– Soramimi Hanarejima, writer of short speculative fiction

Sione helped me realize that what I am experiencing in this moment contains enough to write stories – I don’t need to go looking for it in writing books. Using gentle but steadfast encouragement, Sione helped me discover and remove my own obstacles to writing.
- Diane Gilman, author of HOW TO *NOT* WRITE A BOOK

In April 2017, Sione reviewed the first 50 pages of my manuscript along my book's darkest moment, synopsis, and ending. Not only was she enthusiastic about my project, her insights made it clear she really grasped the characters and heart of the story. She also made thoughtful suggestions to improve the pacing and focus the plot which left me excited to tackle the revision. Her professionalism, promptness and upbeat personality made it a joy to correspond with her, and I'd highly recommend her services to anyone looking to take their book to the next level.
- Carrie Manner (@CP_Manner), author of THE GRAVITY OF WINTER

Loved working with Sione on my manuscript. She made me dig deep, clarify my characters' motivations, pulled out plot holes where I was certain there were none, and presented solutions and opportunities for follow-up that made the revision task a less stressful process. Because my manuscript deals with sensitive subject matter, I appreciated her ability to point out where my language wasn't as non-offensive as it could be.
- Raimey Gallant, author of THE ALIBI NETWORK

Sione helped my book in ways I couldn't imagine. She sees everything, remembers everything, and will work with you to fix it. Working with her has been one of the best writing experiences I've ever had.
- Anna Langford, author of CINDER SWEPT