05 May 2014

ROW80 Round 2, Week 4

"A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life."

I suppose it should be neither a surprise nor a disappointment that I fell off the wagon this week regarding many of my goals, considering Monday through Thursday were spent getting everything in order for my trip to Minneapolis (where I'm spending the month of May) and Friday through Sunday were spent driving across the country. Somehow, though, I'd had higher hopes for my productivity. But c'est la vie, and here I am now, settled in for the next month and ready to get back on track. Just as soon as I adjust to this time change.


  • Min. of 2 hrs/day on pseudonym's WIP2 - Wrote for a total of two and a half hours last week. Certainly could've been worse. Now that I have the feedback from beta readers on WIP1, my attention is turning in that direction for the next couple of weeks (at least), so for the coming week my goal is to spend at least 2 hrs/day revising WIP1.
  • Read something inspiring every week - No, but I got my Miranda July book back from my uncle, does that count? I'm not really sure what's going to happen with this goal; it was a helpful one to have while I was trying to generate new content, but now that I have specific projects underway I'm thinking it may not be the best use of my time right now.
  •  Read & comment on at least 3 fellow ROW80-ers' check-ins - This did not get done. Will do it this week, though!
  • Continue to exercise for at least one hour per day - Achieved this Monday through Thursday, but not during the drive east. My plan for this month is to walk the dog for at least half an hour a day and to practice martial arts on my own for another half an hour a day. We'll see how that goes.
  • Continue to moderate my consumption of refined sugar, bread, cheese and alcohol - Ahahahahahahaaa! *wipes tear* Um, no. There's something about a cross-country drive that practically begs one to eat all sorts of things one shouldn't, especially when one is spending 10 hours a day sitting on one's widening bottom. But I'm headed to a grocery co-op later today; it'll be nice to have more control over the available food again.

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  1. Road trips don't ever seem to encourage nutritious eating habits for sure. Fell off the wagon? Nah. You hit a "rest area". :) Hope things can get back on track for you.

    1. Ha! Thanks, Ryan. I like your way of thinking about it. ;*)

  2. With the reading, you might just want to change the focus of what you are reading, but still keep it as a goal. I think feeding words in while writing is important. If nothing else, I read someone else who is really excited about writing, and it usually helps me to get on with my own work.
    As to food: I thought i was brave giving up refined sugar and flour (day 10!). There is no way I could add cheese to that, and as I type, I have a glass of wine next to me (I hope you can't tell.) Without cheese, what is there left in life? (tried making gluten free brownies tonight. It appears I have not been off sugar and flour long enough to make this food substance appealing.)

    1. Buffy - Whoa! There's no way at this point I could give up all products with flour in. I would starve to death. You are the brave one. Plus, I only gave up those foods completely for 2 weeks (was all I could stand to commit to), and it sounds like you intend to be off refined sugar & flour indefinitely.

      Good point about the reading. My current housemate keeps giving me things to read (e.g. The NY Review of Books, an issue of Women's Press mag) and my attitude has been that I have no idea when I'll have time to read them. Maybe I could be more open to reading what comes my way (within reason). I also did start reading a book called The Power of Kindness, which my mom gave me as a Christmas present.