19 June 2013

Writing prompt 5

I was traveling last week so didn't get to post a writing prompt, but I'm back this week!

This whole writing prompt thing started because I have a surplus of ideas I've gotten from my Muse and not enough time to follow through with all of them, though I've also shared some prompts that I use to get myself going.

Today's prompt is another little dialogue that popped into my head that I don't know I'll ever have the opportunity to use for something bigger. But even if this just turns out to be a fun 20-minute freewriting exercise for us, that seems worthwhile to me.

"What the hell just happened?"
"I kissed you."

"Why? Who are you?"

"Who are you and why did you let me?"

If you want a little twist to this week's prompt, try this: Whatever gender you first thought each speaker to be, change it. Or if you assumed that one was a man and the other was a woman, try making them both women or both men. Does that provide a more interesting scenario? How does that change cause the conversation to unfold differently?


  1. What a provocative suggestion! My mind wanders in different directions - like, what if it was two dogs? Or two aardvarks? Or two planets? I love it.

    1. Clearly you have the creative mind. Would never have occurred to me to make the characters non-humans. Touché, monsieur!