30 April 2018

#RevPit 2018 Editing Specials

As a thank-you to the writers who made the Revise & Resub (#RevPit) contest a supportive, energizing, and fun learning experience for all, I'm offering the following editing specials to those who book before May 31, 2018 (actual editing dates may fall later).

Editing Specials

Whether you submitted to any editor during the contest or even just participated in the #RevPit conversations on Twitter, you are eligible to take advantage of these offers.

10% Off a Full MS Critique + a free Query Critique
Designed for those who are ready to take their novel to the next level, this package includes developmental feedback on the full ms. Feedback will be tailored to your project's needs and focus on elements such as genre, age category, word count, world building, character development, point of view, internal & external conflict, narrative arc, theme(s), and overall structure. Includes:
  • Edit letter summarizing the developmental feedback (min. 5 pages)
  • 60-minute voice or video chat to discuss the feedback
  • Bonus: 1-pass query critique
Regular pricing: $750 for a novel up to 75,000 words, $50 for every 5,000-word block thereafter
#RevPit pricing: $675 for a novel up to 75,000 words, $45 for every 5,000-word block thereafter

04 April 2018

Are you prepared for RevPit 2018?

Whether you're just hearing about the Revise & Resub (#RevPit) Contest for the first time in 2018 or joined us last year, this post is meant to help you decide whether you'll be ready to submit on April 21st and, if so, what you should do to prepare.

But before I launch into it, it's worth mentioning this: You don't need to be a contestant in order to benefit from the amazingly supportive and enthusiastic RevPit community. Even if you decide not to submit this April, you can still join the party: ask questions, favorite, retweet, shake your pom-poms for your friends, find a critique partner, and learn from the editors' #AskEditor and #tenqueries tweets by following @ReviseResub and tuning in to the #RevPit hashtag on Twitter.

03 April 2018

Interview on Write Through the Roof

Last week I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Madeleine D'Este on her podcast, Write Through the Roof, wherein we talked about writing, editing, and RevPit (among other things). To find out about "the beverage triangle," my advice for processing both praise and criticism of one's writing, and a strategy for reading for craft, head on over to Madeleine's site and give this episode a listen!

12 March 2018

RevPit 2018!

I'm thrilled to be a participating editor again in this year's Revise & Resub (#RevPit) Contest!

For those who are unfamiliar with this contest, it's a chance for authors who are querying or getting ready to query their novels to win 5 weeks of editing with a professional editor. There is no submission fee, and all the editors volunteer their time and expertise. The feedback we got last year was intensely gratifying: those who followed the Twitter feed, whether they submitted to the contest or no, learned a ton about writing and querying and were able to improve their query letters and opening pages as a result. As an added bonus, many came away from the experience with new writer friends and critique partners. Regardless of whether you're thinking of submitting, I highly encourage you to learn more about the contest at reviseresub.com. Submissions open April 21st.

This is my fourth time participating in a contest like this (P2P16 twice in 2016 and RevPit last year), and by now I have my approach to selecting and working with authors pretty well nailed down. Since the editors' processes tend to be of interest to authors submitting to the contest - both to get a sense of how much work is involved for us and to learn what to expect - in this post I'll give you a peek into my own process. Please note that each of us editors take a different approach; unless otherwise noted, what I am about to divulge pertains to me alone.

19 January 2018

Podcast episode on self-publishing

I'm featured in a podcast! MUCH EXCITE!

Last month I recorded a (very long) podcast episode about self-publishing with r. r. campbell, creator of the Writescast podcast. (His debut novel, Accounting for it All is coming out later this year, btw, and I cannot wait!) In this episode I downloaded pretty much everything I've learned about self-publishing over the last 5 years, from distribution platforms and ISBNs to psyching yourself up for the long game and why you'd ever want to offer your book for free. Rather than edit out some of the juicy bits, campbell decided to split our conversation into two episodes, and GUESS WHAT! Part I went live today!

So if you're thinking about self-publishing or you've decided to self-publish and are wondering, What now? - this episode is for you. It's roughly 44 minutes long, perfect for a meal break or a wind-down at the end of the day. (Even better: my voice doesn't sound as horrible in this recording as in normally sounds to me. Gotta celebrate small victories.)

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Jan. 26, 2018 UPDATE: Part Two is now available!