28 August 2013

Writing prompt 13

Today's post contains this week's writing prompt and a ROW80 update.

Write a story in three paragraphs about a person - real or imagined - who is either wise but not smart or smart but not wise.

ROW80 update
In last week's update I laid out seven priorities (in order of importance) for my life and work. Even the act of creating that list was helpful to me. Beyond that, I think the list will help me make decisions on daily basis about the order in which I do my work. Hooray!

And now it's time to revisit my goals for this round of ROW80.

1. Continue: going to readings, writing monthly VoiceCatcher articles, doing monthly author interviews on this site, and posting writing prompts on this blog on Wednesdays.
Have not attended readings lately. Just too overwhelmed. Finished my latest (and last) VoiceCatcher article, this one about Trista Cornelius. It'll go up in late September. I think I will continue to do the author interviews for this site, though. Steven Parton, my September interviewee, is already set up with his questions. Yay! And I have been pretty consistent about the writing prompts. I'm not sure yet whether I'll continue to do it. I don't get the sense that many people actually use them. But maybe I'll keep going for another quarter and see what happens.

2. Do a minimum of ten 30-minute writing sprints (total five hours) each week.
Now that writing has moved up in my priority list and I have project plans for all my writing projects, I'm writing at least five hours a week. Sometimes more. Yay!

3. Research places to publish.
I've been doing this and sharing my research on this blog. My intention is to submit stories and poems at least once a month throughout the fall. I'm not sure, though, whether I'll continue to post my market research here, as doing so adds work and I'm not sure it really helps anybody but me.

4. Learn more about traditional book/chapbook publishing.
I had a good conversation with Rhonda Hughes at Hawthorne Books last month and will post my learning from that in September. I had initially intended to do a second interview with a local publishing house before the end of this round of ROW80, but it's not high on my list of priorities right now. Hmm. Darn it. This makes me realize that professional learning isn't on my list of priorities at all, and it really needs to be. Maybe that's #8.

5. Read/comment on at least five other ROW80-ers posts each week.
I've had to let this one go. Not enough time.

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