23 October 2013

Writing prompt 20

This post contains the weekly writing prompt and my ROW80 update. Happy writing!

Write a scene from the point of view of person who doesn't like hugs because they're afraid to feel safe.

ROW80 update
"A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life." You can find a more complete description of my goals for 2013 Round 4 here.

1. First drafts - Good progress. My plan for "Split Infinity" was to write three versions: a prose poem, a flash fiction piece, and a short story. Over the weekend I finished first drafts of the poem and flash fiction piece. Yay! Intend to finish the short story version by Oct. 31.

2. Revising - None done this last week, but revising "The Choice" is on my to-do list for the next two weeks. Hope to finish this also by Oct. 31.

3. Blog schedule - Achieved! Posted market research on LampLight on Monday; writing prompt posted above; this week's interview is with the prolific author Anya Breton, who has featured me on her blog today.

4. Submitting - Did not submit anything this last week. Plan to submit some poems this coming weekend.

5. Rain or Shine readings - Achieved! I heard Tuna Cole read from his memoir, Voyage of the Yellow Submarine, last Thursday. So good! Had to buy a copy. My housemate and his friend Aaron also came along, and they too loved it and bought copies. I mean, who *wouldn't* want to read a memoir in which a group of hippies thwart the census bureau, try to figure out what bulgur wheat is for, and mistake dried rabbit turds found in the couch cushions for marijuana? Haha!

And because the other scheduled reader never showed, we got to hear a piece from Bill Cameron, who has been running the Rain or Shine reading series. He read a story he wrote when he was 18 years old about moving around a lot as a kid. "I wish I was from somewhere" is the first sentence of his story (if I wrote it down correctly). I loved it, and it inspired me to write. Nothing better than being inspired by other people's writing.

6. ROW80 community - Achieved! I commented on three posts last week. Going for three more this week.

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  1. Love your writing prompt!

    Congrats on reaching most of your goals. So fantastic. :D Good luck with your submissions this weekend.