11 December 2013

Writing prompt 26

Today's post contains this week's writing prompt and ROW80 update.

This week's prompt is a line that wormed its way into my head earlier this week. I might eventually incorporate it into a poem or something, but in the meantime I offer it to you as a starting point for your freewrite.

This bitterness consumes me today and overflows, leaking from my pores and fingertips like a venom.

ROW80 Update
"A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life." You can find a more complete description of my goals for 2013 Round 4 here. 

1. Drafting. Yes, sort of.Continuing the good work this week by working on a new series of poems called "Dating." (Bet you can't guess what those are about! Just kidding. It's exactly what it sounds like.) Also, much to my surprise, started drafting "Conformity I." Hurrah! My schedule for the collection of sf stories is still off, but I now have hope I can get back on track by the end of the next ROW80 round. 

2. Revising. Yes, sort of. Just spent some time this morning revising a few of the poems in "Dating" in response to a couple people's feedback. Hooray for people's feedback! Still avoiding revising "The Choice," but as I said above, plan to be back on track by end of next round. 

3. Blog schedule. Yes. Interview with author Nancy Christie went up on Friday. I also wrote a guest post for her blog about what to look for in an editor that went up Friday. On Monday I finally posted another market review, this one on a new online market called Cheap Pop that looks pretty awesome. And obviously this week's writing prompt is taken care of here. 

4. Submitting. Not only did I submit a flash fiction piece on Monday, but by Tuesday I got an acceptance email! Woot! *happy dance, happy dance* "Unborn" will be published in Ugly Babies Volume II by James Ward Kirk Fiction.

This week's acceptance sent me into a bit of an identity crisis, though. I don't write horror, but I keep getting published in horror mags or on sites that publish horror. What's going on here?!?

5. Rain or Shine reading series. Skipped last week's reading to attend a friend's birthday celebration (worth it). Looking forward to this week's reading by Vargus Pike and Jan Baross, with whose work I am as yet unfamiliar.

6. ROW80 community.  Not only did I comment on three people's udpates last week, but I've commented on a couple more since then, so I think I might actually be ahead of the goal. Woot!

And in reading/commenting I was reminded once again (because I keep forgetting) that I want one of my goals for the next round to be about reading. I read for a living and end up forgetting to just read for fun. I miss it! And there are so many books I want to read! 

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