25 April 2014

Introducing Andrea Scovel, my intern!

I have an intern! *happy dance, happy dance!*

Photo by Stephanie Richey

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I introduce Andrea Scovel. Andrea, an English Literature and Writing major with a concentration in Creative Writing at Marylhurst University, is an aspiring freelance writer and author of children's and young adult fiction. She lives in the Portland, Oregon area with her husband and three children. Andrea will be working with me over the next couple of months to bring you a series of blog posts about writing and indie publishing. Some of the topics we've discussed so far include:
  • The low-down on distributing your ebook through Smashwords
  • Crowdfunding your book project
  • Options for self-publishing a print book (as opposed to ebook)
  • Writing fellowships and residencies open to emerging writers
  • And more!

So be sure to keep an eye out for Andrea's guests posts, coming once a week starting this Monday, April 28, with a post about distributing your ebook through Smashwords.

I feel that no introduction on this blog would be complete without at least a brief interview so you can hear Andrea's voice yourself. Read on to find out more about what she writes, what she reads, and whether she'd take ten million dollars to never write another word in her life.

Welcome, Andrea! 

What do you write/aspire to write?
Most of what I have written in my lifetime has been whatever I feel like at the time. It could be stories, poems, or just freewriting. I have done a decent amount of academic writing. I aspire to write really well-crafted fictional stories; that is what I would ultimately like to do. I am thinking that most of what I write will be geared toward young adults and children, but I feel really flexible about that.

What do you like to read?
I like to read fiction. Ok, ok, and self-help books. I really like to read material that evokes emotion. I have a really hard time reading stories that just tell you a story without engaging you. I need what I read to touch me emotionally.

What are the challenges you encounter when it comes to producing writing?
My big challenge with my writing is finishing it. I am really good at thinking of beginnings of stories, but how to end them, that is tough. Going to college has really helped me with that because, well, I have to finish, no choice, so I do finish and I feel that I am becoming more disciplined with my writing as a result.

Why do you want to write and publish?
Hmmm... I want to write because it has always been the one thing that I understand enough to be creative with. I feel that creativity is huge in life and is sorely underplayed and undervalued. So since writing is my creative outlet, that is what I want to do! I want to do something that I can really put myself into, and when I ask myself what that is, writing always ends up being the answer.

When you get stuck in your writing, what do you do?
I stop writing or freewrite. When I am writing, I tend to need frequent breaks. I cannot just sit and write forever, I need to keep myself moving to keep the thoughts flowing.

If someone offered you ten million dollars to never write another word - no journaling, blogging, vlogging, papers, articles, stories, etc. - for the rest of your life, would you take the money? Explain.
Wow, it sounds stupid, I think, but I would not. I need money to survive (in society), but I really WANT to write. To spend my whole life never having to think about money again would be great, but then I would have no way to express myself! At least that would be how I would feel, so it is a no-go.

What if it was a lifetime supply of your favorite chocolate, would you make that deal?
I would not accept money OR chocolate. =) Actually, especially chocolate, because I love chocolate and if it was always at my disposal I would not be able to maintain a healthy weight. ;)

Andrea would love to connect with you via Twitter (@AndreaScovel1) and/or Google+!

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