19 November 2014

It's time once again for me to check back in on my writing goals and report progress/challenges. It's been an eventful week: I had two float sessions and, as a result, wrote two more pieces for Float On; as a result of floating and/or preparing for my upcoming reading and/or what I've been reading and/or all the fun I've been having lately, I managed to reconnect with my creative playfulness, which feels awesome and has resulted in some new poems; and last but not least, I remembered how inspiring it is to read certain writers/types of writing.

All this is reflected in this week's ROW80 Update.
  "A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life."

Show up to writing 2-3 hours/day. Although I haven't necessarily been putting in a solid 2-3 hours every day, I continue to show up regularly, and I've felt particularly inspired the last few days, which makes me excited about my writing (and excited to do this reading on Saturday). This past week I've written the two aforementioned pieces for the Float On Writers' Program, a couple of new poems, the description of the upcoming reading, and a new travel blog post in addition to my posts for this blog.
Total DigiWriMo words so far, including this post: 8,170.
Be an active ROW80 sponsor. On track. I've been checking in on my group on Mondays and Thursdays.
Read for fun. On track. I read Dismember by my friend George Marie. Beautiful little book. Tried to go to sleep afterwards but kept having to turn the light back on to write things down. Picked up Charles Simic's The World Doesn't End again and I've been reading it at the beginning of writing sessions to help get me in a free-flowing, playful mindset.  

Continue posting twice a week on this blog. On track - my ROW80 post and a guest post by author Kiersi Burkhart on how she defines success as a writer now that she's agented and with book contracts.

That's it for this week! How are you doing on your writing goals?


  1. Great writing progress...strong and steady steals the race :-) Dismember sounds like a memorable and haunting book - the kind you read in the middle of the day! Have a great week.

  2. Great progress indeed. as the saying goes, let the words flow and the rest would take care of itself.

  3. I think showing up regularly is the hugest, most important part of writing. The 2-3 hour goal is a good one, but the regularity is what brings the words. Way to go! On all the goals.

  4. Great progress on your goals! I love reading everyone's writerly updates. :)