23 January 2015

Guest post: How author Ebony Williams defines success as a writer

The guest post series about success as a writer continues today with a contribution by radio personality and author Ebony Williams.

"It’s not about how many words are on a page, or how lengthy your book is, or whether you’ve put out tens to hundreds of books...." So then how does Ebony, who is on the verge of self-publishing her third novel, define success for herself as a writer? Read on to find out.

I wrote my first book when I was six. My mother found it the other day and was talking to me about it, laughing about the subject and hand drawn illustrations. It was about 30-35 pages, but for a six year old that’s not bad. I slowly started to fall in love with poetry, the art of making it rhyme and then not rhyming brought on a new sense of creativity for me.

I’m in the middle of self-publishing my third novel. My first two have been self published also and are still doing fairly well. All my written works can be viewed on my website. I took the route of self-publishing because I fully believe in what I write. I knew people would buy what I have to say and enjoy it. After three years of self-publishing my first novel I still receive royalty checks, so that lets me know my work is still wanted. I am on the hunt for an agent, but it’s hard to find one who believes in your work just as much as you do. So while I’m still on the hunt for a literary agent, I will continue to self publish my novels because I know people enjoy my writing.

I think being successful as a writer is personal. It’s how you view yourself. Most people can’t put together a novel and make it make sense. Some people can’t think in that way to create this piece of art. I feel whole heartedly that I am successful as a writer. I have a nice following of people who believe in all that I do. They contact me on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, asking about my next projects. So to have people I don’t know personally believe in me and what I’m trying to achieve is my vision of being a successful writer. It’s not about how many words are on a page, or how lengthy your book is, or whether you’ve put out tens to hundreds of books; to me it’s about making a connection with your audience.

I don’t think my view on being successful will change overnight. Besides a writer I’m also a radio personality and have been for almost eight years. I’m only 25 - about to be 26 - and I have a LONG road in both industries of writing and radio. I know the work it takes to make it to another level, and I feel like I’m already winning just because I’m trying and will never give up on my goals. I’m truly happy with where I’m at, and I know that God is about to launch me into something I never dreamed of. Even when I reach another level, I will always remember the importance of my audience. As long as those who believe in me love what I come out with, I know I’ll continue to be happy, and to me, happiness is success.

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