21 January 2013

ROW80 check-in 2

I have very little to report this week regarding my writing progress because I've been laid up with the flu since Tuesday and have done very little except sleep. And now that I'm feeling better, I'm scrambling to catch up on an editing project.

However, my being sick did give me an idea for a story. This new story is more magical realism than speculative fiction, and it has nothing to do with the theme of "conformity," which I'd hoped all five of my stories would relate to. But hey -- it's fiction, it's an idea for a short story, and I'll take it and count it as one of my five.

So I guess I did make some progress this week. I may not have written, but I got an idea for a story, and that's worth something.


  1. Ideas are AWESOME! Glad you are feeling inspired :)

  2. I hope you are feeling much better Sione. It's great to hear that your down time had productive results though. :-)

    Wishing you better health and better writing days ahead.