24 July 2013

Writing prompt 9

Today's post contains this week's writing prompt and a ROW80 update.

Photo by Rick Campbell.

Prompt: Maybe I doom things by saying I want them to last.

This week's writing prompt is meant to be used as a warm-up. My suggestion is to write this sentence at the top of a page and then freewrite off of it for at least five minutes. Or, if that seems daunting, you could take ROW80 Sponsor Eden Mabee's advice and just write the next five sentences.

ROW80 update
For the sake of saving space and time, I'm going to refer to my goals by their numbers rather than re-listing them every week, but you can see the goals the numbers refer to in this post.

1. a) Still have not gone to any readings, but I did get invited to read at the Rain or Shine kick-off reading on Sept. 5. Excited! =*D
b) Have my next VoiceCatcher interview set up for next week.
c) On my to-do list tomorrow: write & email interview questions to Julie Hutchings for this month's author interview.
d) Prompt posted above.

2. Have not yet done any writing sprints this week, as have been jamming on an editing job that was due today. Goal is to do at least one sprint a day for the next four days.

3. Probably not gonna do another market research this week. That's okay. Next week I'll pick one with an upcoming deadline and bang out my weekly writing prompt + market research post in one. Boom.

4. Had not heard back from friend re: introduction to person at local press, so emailed him to check in. He's on it.

5. So far this week I've responded to 1 other ROW80-er's post. Need four more by Sunday to make my goal. No problem.

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  1. Just catching up with your goals for this round, love them. Collecting information on publishing for people (and yourself) always helpful. I've become a little bit obsessed with self-publishing at the moment, but I think that most people always hope that one day a traditional publisher will be like 'I love your work, here's lots of money for it, I'll handle the rest from here.' Or maybe that's just me :D

    1. Hi, Buffy! The main reason I'm doing this research into traditional publishing is because I want to learn more about it so I can better serve my editing and writing coaching clients. I've done a lot of self-publishing and have mainly worked so far with self-publishing authors, which I love. But I figure both I and my clients can benefit from my learning about how it's done these days on the trad side.

      But yes, it would be awesome to get validation from a publisher. And money. Lots and lots of money. ;*)

      Part of what I'm curious about is whether there's very much money in trad publishing for authors anymore, what a publisher's argument might be for going the trad route when you can make 70% royalties on self-published work.

      And now I'm going to stop before my comment becomes as long as the post. Thanks for stopping by & sharing your thoughts!

  2. All the best with the writing sprints! Are you doing them via Twitter? Are you familiar with a piece of software, which I believe is also online, called Write Or Die? For anyone who likes some tension while writing, this does the job. :-)

    I wish you all the best with your goals this week, Sione.

  3. Ooh, reading week! I'd love to participate in that!
    What exactly is the market research thing? That sounds intriguing, especially if it's linked to writing prompts.