21 July 2013

Market research: The Citron Review

One of my writing goals this year is to submit poems and stories to literary magazines and journals (aka "markets"). I have a Duotrope subscription and love it, but the information listed there only gets me so far. In order to really figure out whether a market is a good fit for my work, I need to read an issue. Therefore, as part of my ROW80 goals this round, I've committed to doing some research on places to publish and to sharing my research on this blog with the hope that the information I share will be useful to you as well as to me.

Today's post also includes this week's ROW80 update.

Market Research
The Citron Review
  • Online publication since 2009 - everything free to read online.
  • Non-paying market.
  • Publishes poetry, micro-fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, photography and digital art.
  • Previously unpublished work only.
  • Submissions accepted via Submittable only.
  • If accepted, they get First Internet Publication Rights & 3 months Exclusive Rights.
Notes on the work included in Summer 2013 issue: It's all short, which I like reading. Dense imagery grounded in everyday objects. Slightly experimental poetry. Their aesthetics tend toward slightly askew: I imagine a leaning tower of blue teacups on a white tablecloth. "The Pine Effect" by Andrea Spofford inspired me to write.

Other: Check out this link for editors' picks and blog posts about what they look for in submissions.

Verdict: Appropriate place to submit some of my poetry and flash cnf & a good place to visit for inspiration.

ROW80 Update
1. a) & b) Nothing to report.
c) Woo hoo! Fantastic progress. Julie Hutchings, author of Running Home, an urban fantasy coming out soon with Books of the Dead Press, has agreed to do an interview for this month, and Jay Ponteri, author of Wedlocked, a heart-wrenching and honest memoir published in February 2013 by Hawthorne Books, has agreed to be interviewed for August. =*D So happy!
d) Missed posting a prompt this week. Will get back on it next week.

2. Did a little bit of creative writing this week, though no full 30-minute sprints. However, I did better this week than last, so I'm going to celebrate that as progress. Goal: do even better this coming week.

3. Market research done & posted above. Yay! I want the next one I research to be a paying market.

4. A friend has agreed to introduce me to someone at a local press. Hooray! Just waiting for the introduction so I can follow up on it.

5. Gack! Nope. Totally dropped the ball on responding to other ROW80-ers' posts. Will do better in the coming week.

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  1. Congratulations on your progress! Looks like you're moving right along. Thanks for the Citron Review info--I'll have to check that out.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kim. And glad to know that the market research will benefit someone other than myself! Yay! =*D