05 November 2013

Curious Apes launch party

Last night I attended the launch party of Curious Apes Publishing, which included performances by the band Lincoln's Beard (had never heard of them before - liked a lot), Clark County poet laureate Christopher Luna reading a few of his poems (one with Lincoln's Beard providing music in the background as part of the performance - very cool), and the three authors with books out or forthcoming by Curious Apes: friend-of-the-blog Steven Parton reading from his forthcoming transhuman novel Hello, World; Donovan James reading from his recently published book of political poetry Saudade; and headliner Jonathon S. Kendall reading from his novel The Evolution of Strangers. (Click on the Curious Apes Publishing link above to find out more about these books.)

It was a good show all around, but what really blows my mind is how they managed to get over 100 people to this event and buying books. I want to know how to do that! Hopefully Steven and Jon, the co-conspirators at Curious Apes, will agree to do an interview for this blog. *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*

No pressure though, guys. Unless that would be effective, in which case:

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