13 November 2013

Writing prompt 23

As I near the end of yet another long day (got up at 8am, still working at 10:30pm), my vision blurs and my eyeballs ache (must find a way to avoid staring at a screen for so many hours), but I am determined to write this post: to offer you another writing prompt this week and to check in with myself about my ROW80 writing goals. Here goes...

"She just hasn't learned her place in the organization yet."

You know what to do, folks. Five minutes of freewriting. Go.

ROW80 update
"A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life." You can find a more complete description of my goals for 2013 Round 4 here. 

1 & 2. Drafting & revising. Still no progress on my current WIPs, not even the half hour I wanted to spend on "Split Infinity" and "The Choice."

However, I did spend at least three hours (maybe even four) over this past week discussing a new idea for a nonfiction book with several people. Got several good things out of it, including the decision to put that idea on hold until after the house sells. I'm up to the gills in projects and other commitments, and I just can't handle adding anything else to my plate right now. However, in the process of speaking with people I recruited nonfiction author Gill Hoffs to do an interview for the blog about her experience pitching nonfiction. Yay! Her interview will go up sometime in December.

3. Blog schedule. My interview with Josh Hewitt got mad views on Friday! It must've been the dirty joke. ;*) Also delivered on my promise to post about writing during the holidays on Monday, and obviously posted today because...well...here we are. Coming this Friday: an interview with Scott Nadelson, author of three collections of short stories - Aftermath, The Cantor's Daughter, and Saving Stanley - and a memoir, The Next Scott Nadelson: A Life in Progress, all published by Hawthorne Books. SO EXCITED!!!

4. Submitting. Nope.

5. Rain or Shine reading series. Gah! So excited to see Chuck Caruso and Nick Slosser read their noir fiction tomorrow!

6. ROW80 community. Final item on today's to-do list before I pass out: read and comment on three other ROW80 participants' check-ins. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

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  1. I never sold a house (bought one, yes). But, I can't imagine all you have to deal with to do that (not being there and keeping it good looking and fixing stuff). I think you made a great choice to hold off on putting more on your plate, for sure. Great job on your goals this week. Keep it up! :)

  2. I agree with Gloria - seems your plate is heaping, already!

    And, even if you didn't get to everything this week, you've accomplished quite a bit to take pride in and enjoy.

    I hope your nonfiction idea grows on its own, and is waiting eagerly, when you are able to get to it. =)