08 December 2013

Guest post on Nancy Christie's blog: What to look for in an editor

On Friday, while Nancy Christie's interview was featured on this blog, my guest post "What to look for in an editor" went up on hers. How's that for tricksy? ;*)

You've written the thing - the chapbook of poems, the collection of short stories or essays, the novel(la), the nonfiction book that's going to change the world (or at least hopefully make you a few bucks) - and now what you need is another pair of eyes to help you refine it into publish-perfect form.
You look in the LinkedIn forums or on Twitter, you ask friends and writer acquaintances for recommendations, and you come away with a few names. But how do you choose the right editor for you and your project?
Here are the top five qualities I look for in an editor of my own work....
Read the rest of the article here on Nancy's blog.

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