20 January 2014

ROW80 2014, Round 1, Week 2

To sum up: Blerg.

Contrary to expectation (I had planned to write for 3 hrs a day and have plenty of time left to socialize), I spent last week finalizing house sale stuff, interviewing internship applicants, and preparing for my reading. Saturday was Hobbit Day (an annual event wherein a couple of my friends and I spend all day eating and watching movies), and Sunday was a mix of recovering from Hobbit Day, working, and socializing (which is why I didn't get around to writing this post yesterday). And I find that this coming week I continue to be busier than expected with all this leaving-town stuff.

That said, here's the progress I made this past week on my goals:

Writing - Work on WIPs, 3 blog posts/week, submit. PARTIALLY MET. Wrote & published two blog posts. If you count this one (a day late), then three blog posts.

Reading - Read something inspiring. MET. Have started reading Mary Ruefle's The Most of It, a collection of prose poems given to me by my friend & fellow writer Lorie Bailey.


  • Participate in #writeclub on Twitter every Friday - NOT MET. I *talked* a lot about #writeclub on Friday, but never actually got around to joining a sprint. Sadface. Will try again this week.
  • Continue to attend readings. MET. Well, "met" in that I read at Rain or Shine last Thursday with the aforementioned Lorie Bailey. Had a great time. Good crowd of people, and later I found out that our reading was listed in The Oregonian's Literary Calendar! =*D
  • Read and comment on at least 3 other ROW80 participants' check-ins each week. NOT MET.
  • Begin each day with 15 minutes of freewriting (good for my mental health) - PARTIALLY MET. I think I managed to write two or three mornings of the seven.
  • Exercise for at least an hour a day - PARTIALLY MET. Monday through Wednesday my exercise came in the form of more moving of things (furniture, boxes, etc.). Don't think I did much on Thursday. Only did 20 min walks on Friday & Saturday, but took a rigorous 2-hr walk up Mt. Tabor on Sunday morning. The mountains (St. Helens & Hood) were out. It was gorgeous.
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  1. Thanks for reminding me about #writeclub. I heard about it during #StoryDam chat, but forgot to check it out later on. Perhaps I'll see you there! In the meantime, happy row-ing to ya. :)

  2. Even your "partially mets" look good, Sione. It sounds as if you've got a lot going on in your life right now. Sometimes Life throw us some obstacles that take precidence sounds like that's what's happening with you.

    And so cool about the reading! :-D