26 January 2014

ROW80 2014, Round 1, Week 3

This week I spent a lot of time socializing, saying goodbye to some of my friends in the Portland area, and some time editing, and that's about all I felt I really had time for.

Despite the fact that I've consistently been falling short of my goals so far this round, I'm not ready to reevaluate my goals yet. Now that I'm going to be more or less stable for the next few months (and have many fewer friends in this part of the state), I'm hopeful that I can get myself in gear, buckle down, put my nose to the grindstone, [insert other diligent-worker metaphor here], etc., etc.

Even so, I did get *some* of my goals this week accomplished (or partially accomplished). Behold!

Writing - Work on WIPs, 3 blog posts/week, submit - PARTIALLY MET. Wrote & published two blog posts, including this one. Worked on pseudonym's WIP1 for a whole 10 minutes and got part of a new scene and some clarity about the beginning of the book. Yay!

Reading - Read something inspiring - MET. Read from Russell Edson's collection The Tunnel (prose poems). Love that guy. Re-read one of my favorite poems by him, "Ape." 

  • Participate in #writeclub on Twitter every Friday - NOT MET. I spent half the day in the car; a little time editing; and the rest of the day with family, celebrating my uncle's birthday.
  • Continue to attend readings - MET. My friend Aaron Simon gave a wonderful performance of two of his humorous short stories at the Rain or Shine reading this Thursday. He's so good at accents and voices! I wish I was good at doing accents and voices. Sadly, this was likely the last one I'll be able to attend until the fall. But if you're in the Portland area and have the chance to go this week (Jan. 30) I recommend it! My friends from VoiceCatcher will be there, including friend Tanya Jarvik, among illustrious others. And while you're at it, check out the Winter issue of VoiceCatcher online, in which my friends Willa Schneberg and Jessica Zisa have work published!
  • Read and comment on at least 3 other ROW80 participants' check-ins each week - NOT MET. Sigh. I feel so bad for not participating more, but I do notice that when I get busy/overwhelmed, this is one of the first things to get dropped off my to-do list.

  • Begin each day with 15 minutes of freewriting (good for my mental health) - MOSTLY MET. While the freewriting has not necessarily happened in the morning, I freewrote three times, recorded one dream, and journaled once this past week. That feels pretty healthy to me.
  • Exercise for at least an hour a day - MOSTLY MET. Walked 1.5 hrs each (steep hills!) on Tuesday & Wednesday, 1 hr Thursday, and 1 hr each (steep hills!) Saturday & Sunday.
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  1. Hey, progress is progress. Some weeks are rougher than other, but you probably know that. I myself have been dealing with a rough week (long story.) I like to look at it as there is always another chance to finish that story, edit that script, or walk the extra mile. Here's a hearty toast to you for your hard work! BTW, thank you for pointing me the the direction of AROW80, Sione. It's really helped me to get more focused, even on the off weeks.


    1. Oh, yay! So glad ROW80 is helping you, too! I notice that when I don't set goals I get a lot less done. Even partially meeting goals is better than doing nothing, no?

      And congrats on finishing your short story in January!

  2. Stills a fine check-in for ROW80. Love that picture of having a cup of coffee. Reminds me of the recent meme (cup of coffee + "Hello, darkness, my old friend") floating around the internet. Yes, ROW80 goals help us focus, but the writing is the anchor.Even 10 minutes on that new WIP sounds like a breakthrough. Have a great week!

    1. Beth - I've had that Simon & Garfunkel song in my head all day thanks to your comment. =*) Yes, you're right. Even 10 minutes of writing was good. Thanks for reading & commenting!

  3. Despite not meeting all of your goals, you're making progress. And it sounds like you'll have more opportunity to write/edit in the future. Overall, it looks like you had a pretty good week.

    Best wishes for this week! Happy writing. :)

    1. Thanks, Julie! =*) Today (Monday the 27th) is Day 1 of trying a new schedule. I actually wrote for an hour this morning! Woot!