29 January 2014

Writing prompt 31

On the one hand, I find myself once again experiencing the Fear of Writing. Or rather, I'm afraid to sit down and try. Because what if nothing comes??? This fear is heightened today by the fact that I had some success writing last night. Silly, isn't it? That yesterday's success should make me even more afraid to try again today? But it is so.

On the other hand, I find myself again tempted to hoard my story ideas, despite a) my Fear of Writing, and b) the fact that I will never have enough time to follow through on all of the story ideas that come my way. But that's why I started posting these writing prompts, isn't it? No sense in keeping these ideas all to myself when they might be used to inspire someone else's writing.

He was only a few blocks from his house when the wind reached in and yanked his eardrum out.

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