23 February 2014

ROW80 2014, Round 1, Week 7

In addition to some editing and coaching work this week I spent quite a bit of time taking care of personal business, e.g. dealing with various government offices (which sounds far more mysterious/glam than it was),  helping with the kitchen remodel, running errands, blah, blah, blah. It never ceases to amaze me the way tasks show up to fill what had promised to be a more relaxing week. And because I was thinking toward the beginning of the week that I was going to have all this time to do the things on my to-do list, few of them got done. Oh, well.

In summary: Meh.

Writing - Work on WIPs, 3 blog posts/week, submit - PARTIALLY MET.

a) Made a little progress on two of the pseudonym's WIPs, came up with an idea for a new short story collection, came up with an idea for a new pseudonym WIP (which will have to wait until 1-2 of her current WIPs are off the table).
b) Published two blog posts (including this one). Have started writing a series of posts on writer's block and wanted to post the first one this past Friday, but (believe it or not) I got blocked when I went to work on it. Good fodder for future posts, I suppose. 
c) Nothing submitted, though I did check up on an existing submission from October that I hadn't heard about, and they got back to me right away saying they'd missed it but will read it ASAP and get back to me soon.

Reading - Read something inspiring - MET. 
Read some of Charles Simic's The World Doesn't End. SO GOOD! I feel like he and James Tate and Russell Edson are all touched by a similar madness and that I am the same kind of crazy as they are. Which is to say that when I read them, something in the dark recesses of my soul flickers in recognition. But reading Simic's poetry does make me wonder whether sometimes the only relationship between his sentences is their proximity to one another. 

  • Participate in #writeclub on Twitter every Friday - NOT MET.
  • Continue to attend readings - NOT MET.
  • Read and comment on at least 3 other ROW80 participants' check-ins each week - MET. Yay! I did something in this category!


  • 15 minutes/day of freewriting, recording dreams and/or journaling (good for my mental health) - MET. Counted six freewrites and one dream.
  • Exercise for at least an hour a day - PARTIALLY MET. Walked for an hour every day except yesterday and today, which were only half an hour each.

I do want to share one of this week's little freewrites with you, just for fun:
"She has invented a new form of torture," I imagine my dog writing about me in his diary. The fact that I lead him through fields littered with goose poop and won't let him eat any of it must be akin to somebody leading me through a cheese and chocolate buffet when I'm feeling peckish and telling me I can't touch a morsel.

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  1. "...the only relationship between his sentences is their proximity to each other." LOL! I've read stuff that made me wonder that. Sometimes it clicked later, sometimes, never...

    And that's a funny freewrite there, Sione. Can't say I ever had that pleasure. When I used to walk a dog through goose fields, she usually went after the geese (made us both really popular with them, as you can guess).

    So you've had some good stuff despite what you call a "meh" week. (Of course, any week that involves high levels of dealing with government bureaucracy is bound to have a fair amount of "meh" in my book. I say kudos! You got through it and still kept your sense of humor.