20 April 2014

ROW80 2014 Round 2, Week 2

 "A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life." 

This week in my writing life I spent several hours reworking my project plans and looking more closely at logistics. Much to my surprise, it turns out I can get my pseudonym's three WIPs done more quickly than I'd originally thought. (At least in theory.) So that was exciting. (Would you be interested in seeing my project plan? If not, that's cool, but it just occurred to me that writers who haven't done project plans might be interested in seeing how I approached mine.)

I also submitted an application for a writing fellowship and submitted a few poems to a literary journal - two things that I wasn't planning on doing but am glad I gave them some time.

On Friday I participated in two #writeclub sprints, even though that is no longer a goal this round, and I ran a couple sprints earlier in the week, too.


  • Min. of 2 hrs/day on pseudonym's WIP2 - MOSTLY. Worked on the fellowship app Monday & Tuesday but went back to the WIP2 on Wednesday & gave it at least two hours a day Wednesday-Friday. Yesterday I kind of pooped out, I guess. Well, actually what happened was that I'd fallen behind on some business-related tasks and spent most of Saturday catching up, and then I was too tired to work on the WIP. But will give it a couple hours today and then I plan to give it 16 hrs/wk through April 29 - except next weekend, when I have company in town - in accordance with my new project plan.
  • Read something inspiring every week - DONE. Finished reading Miranda July's collection of short stories No one belongs here more than you. I loved it and highly recommend.
  •  Read & comment on at least 3 fellow ROW80-ers' check-ins - DONE. Yay!
  • Continue to exercise for at least one hour per day - DONE. I am really loving tai chi. I finally know the first form well enough to practice on my own, and Master Chen surprised me yesterday by allowing me to join the more advanced group in going through the entire second form. I don't know that I'll be able to learn the whole thing before I have to leave, but it did feel a bit like graduating from the kids' to the grownups' table at a holiday meal.
  • Continue to moderate my consumption of refined sugar, bread, cheese and alcohol - YES. Scary moment this morning: there was some shredded cheese on the countertop (Irish cheddar, I believe), and without even thinking about it I reached out to take a few pieces. Then I realized what I was doing and said, "No!" Disaster averted. Whew!

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  1. I'd like to see your project plan! I've never had one related to writing, so I think that a post about how you use yours is a great idea :)

  2. Nice going! It stinks when work gets in the way of writing, doesn't it?