03 April 2014

Writing prompt 40

I made the mistake a few weeks ago of associating these writing prompts with my age (the 35th prompt posted the week I turned 35), and now every time I do another one I feel myself aging rapidly, a whole year in a week. Frightening.

In other news, I thought of a really good prompt yesterday but then I forgot to post it, and now I can't remember what the prompt was. Let's see.... It had something to do with...nah. I lost it. (Of course the upside to that is that we'll never know whether the prompt was even that good; I could say it was the best prompt ever & sure to change your life but it could've been totally uninspiring and I will never have to face that possibility because I just don't remember.)

Along those lines, here's a different prompt.

I went back in time and nothing was how I remembered it.

Suggestion: Set a timer for five minutes, start with the prompt, and see how many words you can write in that time. It doesn't have to be coherent or correctly punctuated or even grammatically correct, but repeating the same word or phrase over and over doesn't count. If you get stuck, you could play with word, sound or image associations.

Happy writing!

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