09 April 2014

Writing prompt 41

Happy Wednesday, writers! This week's writing prompt is inspired by whatever crazy-sauce Muse visited me earlier today during my writing time. Hope you enjoy!

She plays an invisible accordion.

My freewrite

She plays an invisible accordion that beams music directly into our heads. It is the most beautiful melody I've ever heard, slow and full of longing, and I begin to weep. Next to me my best friend is also weeping. I look at her face and her cheeks glisten with tears and her eyes are alight with rapture. We reach out at the same time to hold each other's hands. Hers are warmer than mine, and I wonder if I'm cold. Other people stand up and start dancing as though the musician were playing a jig, and it takes me a minute to realize that they're all dancing to different beats - this one a swing tune, this one a waltz, there a techno. We are each hearing a different tune, that's how magical this woman with her invisible accordion is.

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