18 May 2014

ROW80 2014, Round 2, Week 6

"A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life." 

 This week has been mainly about feeling overwhelmed by all the work I need/want to do to get my WIP1 in good shape, working on anything and everything except the novel's revision, and feeling super guilty and stressed about avoiding the revision because I have external deadlines I need to meet. It's like I'm an undergrad again, I swear.


  • Min. of 2 hrs/day revising pseudonym's WIP1 -Pfft. You know what I did do, though? I caught up on a ton of administrative work and emailing that I'd been neglecting over the last month or so. But the panic has been setting in over the last few days because the ms is due to my copy editor a week from today (cue blood-curdling scream). But the weirdest thing happened today. While I was out walking (and not working on the revision) I started thinking about the book, and I think I found my new beginning. And I started thinking about all the procrastination methods I've been using over the last week or so - throwing self into other work, napping, chatting with friends on FB, trying to watch TV via Internet on a slow connection, reading for fun, etc. - and I realized that I could use how I was feeling to connect with my MC in the beginning of the book. So even procrastinating, it turns out, is working on the novel! Yay! Okay, but seriously. Need to knock this out this week. Goal for the week is a minimum of 4 hrs/day working on the revision.
  • Read something inspiring every week -Read more of The Power of Kindness and enjoyed. Also read the beginnings of some novels, which actually did give me some ideas for what I could do with the beginning of my novel. So you see?! Once again, slacking = working.
  •  Read & comment on at least 3 fellow ROW80-ers' check-ins - Yes.
  • Continue to exercise for at least one hour per day - Lots of walking going on. Some tai chi. No karate.
  • Continue to moderate my consumption of refined sugar, bread, cheese and alcohol - Yes, a whole lot of moderating going on between meals. During the actual act of eating, however...that's a different story.

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  1. I understand that completely. Sometimes you gotta get the creative juices flowing somehow. After the month of April with all of the Shakespeare (Tempest and Zombeo and Juliet) and now May blooming with flowers and Improv and Writing...oh My, I am also buckling down on projects that have been put on various back burners. May the weeks be productive and more!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Best wishes for a productive end of the month to you, too!