03 December 2014

Getting back on track

After taking a break last week for the Thanksgiving holiday and to move from Portland to Bend, I'm getting back on track this week and have big plans for this month...right up until my vacation begins on Dec. 20th.

ROW80 Update 
"A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life."

Show up to writing 2-3 hours/day.  
On track-ish. Skipped Monday because I was getting settled in, but made good progress yesterday and today on a short story revision and my pseudonym's WIP. I also wrote a prose poem/short story thingy about being assaulted by a gang of ducks trying to sell used Kleenex.

Even when I don't actually write for a full 2-3 hours, I like having this goal because I end up getting more writing done than I would without it. This week I'm in a new town (again) and so am spending some time searching for my new morning writing spot. The coffee shop I'm in today is a neat place, but it's too noisy (and chilly when you're sitting next to the wall, it turns out), so I'm limping along and will try a different location tomorrow.

My approach to writing is a little more structured this month, too: I've chosen which projects I'm going to work on each day and have even mapped out my revision plan for one of my short stories. As long as I keep showing up and doing at least something on each of the projects, I feel good about it.

Be an active ROW80 sponsor.
On track this week. Even did some catch-up from last week. And my guest post - in which I talk about time management tricks I use to keep myself motivated - went up on the ROW80 blog on Monday. Check it out!

Read for fun.
On track. This week I've read a little more than half of A Bestiary of my Heart: Cautionary Tales by Victoria Nelson, a couple of pieces from Margaret Atwood's Murder in the Dark, and some poems by Mary Oliver.

Continue posting twice a week on this blog.
On track. This post, an interview with friend, editing client and first-time author Elizabeth Gibson coming on Friday, and if I count yesterday's announcement of the guest post on the ROW80 blog, I'll have three posts this week.

That's it for this week. How are your writing projects going? What are you reading?

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  1. Good work! Especially when moving can be so stressful. You're an inspiration.

    1. Thanks! I've moved so much this year I think I'm getting better at it. Hope your writing goes well this week!

  2. If I double post please disregard it.
    Anyways after the mad dash of NaNoWriMo it's good to be on track. An online friend once told me, thinking too much can derail a good story. I learn late in the game, that sometimes I write an inane scene and see where it would go.