22 November 2015

My editing philosophy

My editing philosophy

My approach to working with editing clients is based on several beliefs I hold about the writing process and the best way for an editor and a writer to work together.
  • The right information at the right time. Although not all writers’ processes look the same, there is a definite order of operations, and certain types of feedback belong in certain stages of the writing project. I give you the right information at the right time, which helps you focus on the right level of revision and prevents overwhelm.
  • We are partners in the work. I am an articulate and honest outside perspective, a partner in your thinking and your process. I tell you what I see—what’s working and not working—and help you brainstorm solutions and a revision plan that will achieve your vision for the project and create a satisfying experience for readers.
  • Mutual respect is key to a productive writer-editor relationship. I respect your time, money, process, and autonomy. This is why I offer high-quality services at fair rates and support your vision for your work rather than trying to superimpose my own.
  • The right amount of challenge and support. It's my job to nudge you in the direction of better writing and storytelling. That said, whether you want to query, submit to contests, or self-publish, at some point you have to have to decide that it’s good enough. I help you determine where that point lies and support you in making your project the best it can be given the available resources.

What to expect

When you contact me, I'll start by asking you some basic questions about your project. You may not know all the answers right away, and that's okay; part of the purpose of the conversation is to give you information that can help you make those decisions. After I understand your needs, we'll work together to create an editing agreement that includes cost, turnaround time, and editing dates that fit the needs of the writing as well as your timeline and budget. Once we have a signed agreement, your editing dates are locked in and we can get to work.

Ready to start talking about your editing needs? Email me at sioneaeschliman (at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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